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Our Mission: As members of the Carney Hill neighborhood we are committed to providing diverse cultural services and social programs to enhance our sense of self, security and pride.

Carney Hill Neighbourhood Centre Society has been developing and delivering a wide variety of programs and services for children, youth and families in the Carney Hill/VLA for 20 years!

Carney Hill operates a child care facility providing over 100 child care spaces within Nusdeh Yoh, and Hadih House, a community drop-in facility serving well over 700 clients monthly.  Both facilities serve a diverse group of children, youth, families and individuals.


We are a not for profit organization based on the belief that the residents' needs in this community are important. The Carney Hill Neighbourhood Centre team is committed to working together to meet those needs. 

Carney Hill Administration Office                                                  Carney Hill Childcare Centre
Phone: 250-563-0858                                                                        Phone: 250-563-8827
Fax: 250-563-0807                                                                             Fax: 250-563-0807

Toni Carlton, Executive Director                                                        Koni Meredith, Child Care Programs Manager
Email:                                                   Email:    

Pat Ellis, Administrative Manager                                                               

Jenessa Ellis, Community Development Coordinator

Hadih House
Marilyn Nelson, Manager
Phone: 250-563-7976
Fax: 250-563-7978